6 steps that typically resolve 90% of issues on Polygon Network
Most issues you might face when interacting with our dApp are usually caused by some form of network congestion. We recommend trying these steps, as usually one of these will rectify the issue you're facing;
  • Refresh your Webpage
  • Clear Browser Cache/History
  • Restart Device and Browser
  • Retry transaction with higher gas, use the Gas Tracker as a guide
  • Try a new RPC, a guide can be found at the bottom of the article for how to set up a custom RPC
  • Delete and Reinstall wallet, make sure to back up your Seed Phrase first !!
If you need help with any of these, feel free to check out the educational series. Some articles that might be helpful are:

Site outage? View your funds on PolygonScan

Site outages can be frustrating, and if you're here, we're sincerely very sorry.
The beauty of blockchain, is that even though the site is down, you can audit the smart contract and make sure your funds ARE safu. It's easy enough to do for yield farms through vfat.tools, but stake crystal earn other token pools are a little different. Allow us to show you how!
You'll want to navigate to the corresponding pools contract. Once you've found it from the list, find userInfo, and copy and paste your wallet address. This will provide you your balance (bare in mind it is subject to 18 decimal places, so you'll have to divide the result by 10^-18.
You should see something like this.
The "amount" displayed is your balance, so you can always see that funds are safu!
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