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The primary contract which handles user balances and user interactions is the VaultHealer contract, which works as a "MasterChef" of sorts for each one of the vaults.
`VaultHealer: 0xD4d696ad5A7779F4D3A0Fc1361adf46eC51C632d`


Additionally, this VaultHealer contract has a set of strategies (one for each specific vault). This list will be ever-growing as additional vaults are added, so the full list won't be included here. The full list can always be queried on the VaultHealer contract directly.

Vault Security

Crystl.Finance's Vaults are a direct fork of ApeSwap's Vaulting Contracts with some minor optimizations & necessary configuration changes in place. None of these optimizations alter the flow of funds or how account balances are managed. These contracts were then originally derived from PolyCat's V2 Vaulting Contractsโ€‹
We chose this approach since the original vaulting contracts were well-audited and battled tested. We believe that time in the market is the biggest tell for the security of a contract, hence our approach forking contracts from PolyCat.

Contract Alterations

Below you will find the specific details about each contract used and alternations associated (if any). Clean-up work (such as variable name changes, comments, or import paths) will not be individually specified, but can be seen in the diff-check linked.
- VaultHealer.sol - No changes.
- BaseStrategy.sol - Configuration changes. Ability to track burns.
- BaseStrategyLP.sol - No changes.
- BaseStrategyLPSingle.sol - No changes.
- StrategyMasterHealer.sol - Change to constructor approach.
Additionally we have several other StrategyMasterHealer extensions with minimal changes to accommodate different MasterChef contracts, such as those rewarding reflect tokens, those with referral systems, etc.
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