CRYSTL Finance

V3 Vaults

The next generation of yield maximizers available only on Crystl Finance

What are V3 Vaults?

V3 is the next version of our auto-compounding Vaults product which succeeds V2. This latest evolution of the Vault protocol brings unprecedented flexibility for passive income maximization that is only possible through Crystl Finance. It is a completely original product that is not available on competitor platforms.
V3 Vaults are auto-compounding instruments that allow users to stake crypto assets for interest without the need to harvest rewards, manually reinvest earnings, or create LP tokens. A truly deposit-and-forget solution for passive income.
The team behind Crystl is aligning V3 Vaults to be the driving product that generates revenue for users, projects, as well as shareholders of the Crystl platform. What is it that makes V3 Vaults stand apart from the competition? Explore the sections below to find out!


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