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Ultra Farms

Learn how our Ultra Farms can maximize your passive income and help you earn the single token that you desire!

Partnerships & Cooperation

Crystl Finance is always open to discuss cooperation. We seek to empower protocols and their users, please get in touch with us below to explore the establishment of Ultra Farms or Vaults for your project:
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Understanding Ultra Farms

Ultra Farm strategies funnel farming rewards into a V3 Vault to maximize earnings in one token or even a completely different LP than the one deposited.
Some key differences between Vaults and Ultra Farms.


⚙️ For Protocols & Developers
👨‍🌾 For Users

Animated Infographics

Watch this video to understand some of the examples of Ultra Farms.
1️⃣ Learn More About Single Staking Ultra Farms
2️⃣ Learn More About Native Ultra Farms (Case 1)
3️⃣ Learn More About Native Ultra Farms (Case 2)
4️⃣ Learn More About Non-Native Ultra Farms
5️⃣ Learn More About Boosted Ultra Farms

Standard Infographics

Case 1: Generic Example
Case 1: Specific Example
🔎 Case 1: More Details
Case 2: Generic Example
Case 2: Specific Example
🔎 Case 2: More Details