CRYSTL Finance

Boosted Vaults

Learn how our boost feature lets you earn additional rewards while using Vaults!

Understanding Boosted Vaults

Like traditional Vaults, Boosted Vaults take a user's deposit of LP tokens and earn rewards on a third party farm, periodically reinvesting those rewards into more LP to earn lucrative APYs. Additionally, boost feature on Crystl Finance allows users to take their APY to even greater heights!
Upon depositing in any Vault, users receive a tokenized representation of their deposit in the form of voucher tokens. These voucher tokens may be staked in the boost feature for Boosted Vaults to earn additional rewards from a reward pool allocation provided by a partner project (or Crystl Finance).
To better understand the benefits of Boosted Vaults, see the appropriate section on our V3 Vaults documentation page.
How is Boost APY calculated?

Boosted Vaults For Partner Projects

If you are interested in a Boosted Vault for your project's token(s) please reach out to the Crystl Team on Discord.