Join the #CrystalCourt to decide the future of $CRYSTL!
As you all know, the $CRYSTL token, as well as our flagship product “Crystl Vaults” are now officially available on the Cronos network. This puts us in a favorable position as one of the first movers on a blockchain backed by one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world —
The time has come for Crystl Finance to take on the next phase of its evolution. To signal these changing times, we are thrilled to announce the biggest upcoming event of Crystl Finance to date — the introduction of $CRYSTL Governance and a number of proposals!

What is $CRYSTL Governance?

$CRYSTL Governance is a way for $CRYSTL token holders to vote on important decisions pertaining to the future of our platform such as: tokenomics, changes in business strategy, and utility for $CRYSTL.

Why $CRYSTL Governance?

Ever since our launch in June 2021, our loyal community has been the most important aspect contributing to the growth and maturity of our project. Proudly recognizing this, we seek to elevate the relationship with our community to the next level. By introducing $CRYSTL Governance, every $CRYSTL holder will have a chance to directly influence the future of Crystl Finance in a democratic and decentralized manner.

How Will $CRYSTL Governance Work?

Governance will begin with a snapshot to determine the voting power associated with each wallet address that holds $CRYSTL, and will then be followed by a voting period on a number of proposals. Voting power will be directly proportional to the number of $CRYSTL held by each wallet address. In the days following the snapshot, proposals will be put to a vote, allowing the community of $CRYSTL holders to decide on the outcome of the proposals.
To be clear, in order to participate in Governance then you must adhere to the rules below at the time of the snapshot:
  • Hold $CRYSTL in your wallet
  • Stake $CRYSTL in specific features (these will be announced prior to the snapshot)
After the snapshot is taken, you are free to resume your farming activities and await the upcoming proposals. Once the proposals are live, simply visit the provided link, connect your wallet, and vote!

When Will $CRYSTL Governance Begin?

On Sunday November 28, 2021 at 2200 UTC we will take a snapshot of every wallet that holds $CRYSTL tokens. In the week that follows, a total of 4 proposals will be put to vote as outlined by the summaries in the following section. Voting will close on Sunday, December 5 at 1700 UTC. Every significant date and time, as well as directions about where to vote will be clearly communicated through all social media channels including Twitter, Telegram, as well as Discord.

What to Expect In The Coming Days

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, as well as our Medium! We will be posting a number of articles that go into detail about each one of the proposals. It is critical that every $CRYSTL holder is aware about the upcoming changes and has all the information needed to make an educated voting decision after the snapshot on November 28, 2021 at 2200 UTC.
As the governance snapshot approaches, we highly encourage everyone to revisit each of the upcoming articles and make a careful consideration for each proposal. Making the right decision together as a community is both a freedom and a responsibility, and it works in favor of Crystl Finance when everyone involved understands and takes part in every decision being made for the future of the platform.
Together, we can make Crystl Finance become the greatest Vaulting platform in DeFi that benefits from multiple blockchains! It’s time for Crystl to evolve, and make that $CRYSTL clear future reality!
Thanks for reading! Take it easy, stake $CRYSTL, and enjoy life!💎
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