CRYSTL Finance

Guide to Crystl

Learn how to use Crystl Finance to grow your capital.

Getting Started

Obtaining a Wallet

The Crystl Finance protocol is available on the Polygon and Cronos networks. In order to interact with our application, you will need a wallet compatible with the chain you are interested in.

Obtaining Initial Funds

To perform transactions on Polygon or Cronos, or interact with decentralized applications like Crystl Finance, you will need to acquire some native gas tokens for the chain you are interested in
  • Cronos Chain: $CRO tokens are used to pay for gas fees
  • Polygon Chain: $MATIC tokens are used to pay for gas fees
To make investments on any blockchain, you need capital. Many users choose to begin with a stable-coin cryptocurrency pegged to the US dollar such as: $USDC, $USDT, or $DAI. Below you will find some centralized exchanges provided for your convenience that support withdrawals to Polygon or Cronos. CEXes are where you can exchange fiat currency to cryptocurrency, or exchange your crypto assets from one network to their equivalent counterpart version on another network.
  • 👉
    • Supports withdrawals to Cronos for: $USDC, $DAI, $USDT, $ETH
    • Supports withdrawals to Polygon for: $USDC, $MATIC, $ETH
  • 👉
    • Supports withdrawals to Polygon for: $MATIC
If you have never invested into cryptocurrency before, we strongly recommend you to get familiar with our Guide.
The App is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world, with many conveniences including easy fiat deposits, a wide array of available cryptos for trading, a VISA card that you can use to spend your crypto in the real world, and the ability to withdraw crypto to a variety of blockchain networks.
Once you have capital and gas funds on your chain of interested, you are ready to invest.

For Existing Polygon/Cronos Users

If you are already familiar with Polygon and are interested in investing on Cronos (or the other way around), check out our guide for using the Relaychain bridge to transfer your assets between Polygon & Cronos without the requirements of KYC imposed by centralized exchanges.

Choose Your Investment Avenue

You are invited to make use of our decentralized smart contracts to put your capital to work and generate an income 24 hours a day!


Vaults are powerful investment instruments which grow your LP tokens with exponential interest. They operate by earning reward tokens on an arbitrary farm, and then automatically selling those rewards for more LP tokens, which are then redeposited back in the farm on your behalf. Resulting in a perpetual loop that yields extremely lucrative returns!
👉 Visit Vaults on Cronos | Polygon


Pools are where $CRYSTL token shareholders come to earn tokens from allocations provided by our partners for marketing purposes. Simply choose a Pool, deposit $CRYSTL, and earn a passive income with a high interest rate!
👉 Visit Pools on Cronos | Polygon
👉 Purchase $CRYSTL on Cronos | Polygon

What's Next?

Feel free to continue exploring our documentation and videos to learn more about Crystl Finance.

DeFi Education

We invite you to check out the rest of our Crystal Clear Education series for general knowledge about DeFi and blockchain.