Creating a Custom RPC (Polygon)
Learn how to make transactions smoother with your very own Custom RPC
Welcome to another brief guide to make your experience on the Polygon network just a little bit better.
Polygon Transaction Count
With the massive explosion of traffic surging into this ecosystem lately, if you’ve been here for even a couple of days, I’m sure you’re used to having to wait a little while for certain information, or waiting for transactions to process. This is okay for the veteran user, but it can instill a sense of panic in those with less experience.
One way you can help to improve your experience is by setting up a custom RPC!

What is an RPC?

Without boring you with the technical nonsense, I’ll use a metaphor instead. If a blockchain is like a highway, your RPC is your vehicle. It is the piece of infrastructure that connects your actions to the network.
Continuing with the vehicular metaphor, a public RPC is like a bus. Everyone can use it! It gets a little hot and sweaty on there sometimes, and you have to learn how to share, but the barrier for entry is low! A custom RPC is like owning a car!
There is a list of commonly used public RPCs available here.
List of supported RPCs for Matic Mainnet
You also have the option to set up a custom RPC! This can be extremely handy in evening the spread of strain on the network infrastructure, as well as giving the end user (you) a much more convenient experience!
It might sound like a lot of hard work but trust me, it isn’t. It took me no time at all! Here’s how;

How to Setup a Custom RPC for Polygon: Video Guide📹

If you prefer video instructions, refer to the video above, otherwise - keep reading!

Create an account with at Matic Vigil

Navigate to Matic Vigil RPC Dashboard and enter an email address and click “Sign Up / Log in”
Matic Vigil RPC Dashboard log in screen, enter your email in the text field and click the Sign Up button.
You will have to navigate to your email and click the magic link you were just sent.

Creating the RPC

After you have done this, navigate back to still open Matic Vigil page. This will then open the RPC dashboard.
MATIC Vigil RPC Dashboard, enter your dApp name in the yellow highlighted area, and click "Create App"
Assign a name to your dApp like “MyCustomRPC” or something of that regard and press the create app button.
Now you’ll see your dApp at the bottom. Click on it to get the details
Click on your dApp (highlighted area in image)
In this list of details you will see an RPC URL. Copy this URL (highlighted).
Now we need to connect metamask to this RPC, this part’s easy! You can just follow the steps found in Configuring MetaMask for the Polygon Network, and you're all done, now you can begin using your favourite dApps like Crystl Finance!
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How to Setup a Custom RPC for Polygon: Video Guide📹
Create an account with at Matic Vigil
Creating the RPC