How to Withdraw from Binance.com to Polygon
Have funds on Binance.com? In this article we'll show you how to transfer some $MATIC to the Polygon network.
Great news #CrystalCrew 🤩! Binance recently introduced the ability to perform withdrawals from their platform directly to the MATIC (Polygon) network 🌐. This means that the rather complex bridging procedure normally required to get funds onto Polygon can be entirely avoided by those users from countries where use of Binance.com is allowed 🧐.
This is fantastic news for the growth of Polygon, and also makes it so much easier to buy your favourite token, $CRYSTL💎! If you’ve travelled the bridge a few times, you’ll understand why this is such a huge leap in the right direction.
We thought it’d be helpful for those who are unfamiliar with the Binance platform, to show you exactly how you can transfer some $MATIC from Binance.com to your wallet address on the Polygon network. Whether you’re a Mobile or a Desktop user, we have you covered!

(Mobile)Withdraw $MATIC From Binance To Polygon

For this example, we will be doing the transfer on Binance for iOS. This may be your first exposure to bridging, and normally bridging is a poor experience on Mobile devices but in this case we actually think it's nice and simple! Firstly go ahead and Log In to your Binance.com account in the app and after you’ve acquired some $MATIC head over to your Spot wallet and tap Withdraw.
After this, you should see a list of the tokens in your Binance Spot wallet. Tap MATIC. This will bring up the Withdrawal screen.
If you’re familiar with Exchanges, you’ll probably be fine from here. However, to a newcomer this can be quite daunting. It’s recommended that you read Light’s articles on Setting up a MetaMask Wallet and Configuring MetaMask for Polygon. Below, you will find a brief infographic to help summarize the withdrawal process.
📔Note: It is recommended that you do a test withdrawal with a small amount first to confirm that you can correctly follow the process and receive your funds in your wallet.
After this, so long as your MetaMask wallet is connected to the Polygon Network, your $MATIC should arrive in your wallet shortly! That means it’s now far simpler, and far less expensive to buy $CRYSTL💎 which you can do over here after your $MATIC arrives in your wallet 🤑! Enjoy filling those bags #CrystalCrew!

(Desktop)Withdraw $MATIC From Binance To Polygon

Firstly, lets go ahead and Log In to our Binance.com account. Next, we’ll navigate to the “Wallet” dropdown menu and access the “Fiat and Spot” option as indicated by the pink arrows.
This takes us to a convenient overview of the various crypto balances held on our Binance account. Since we want to transfer $MATIC tokens out of our Binance account and into our wallet on the Polygon network, lets go ahead and search for “MATIC”, then hit the “Withdraw” action on the right hand side.
Now we are on the Withdraw Crypto menu. To confirm that $MATIC is indeed the token we are transferring out of Binance, ensure that you observe the Select coin → Coin dropdown menu. Looks good 😁! Now we need to decide which “Address” we are going to send these $MATIC tokens to 🤔…
Lets go ahead and open up our MetaMask which we have configured in the past to act as our wallet connected to the Polygon network, “Matic Mainnet”. If you haven’t done this, be sure to check out our MetaMask Setup and Configuring MetaMask for Polygon guides. All we have to do is click the address displayed in our MetaMask wallet to copy it.
Next, paste it into the Address field on the Withdraw Crypto menu.
Now we have to select the appropriate network.
Please be careful about this step, as sending your tokens to the wrong network may result in an irreversible loss of funds. Our MetaMask is connected to the Polygon (MATIC) network, so that is where we will send our $MATIC tokens 😉.
Finally, enter the amount of $MATIC that you wish to send to your address.
📔Note: It is recommended that you do a test withdrawal with a small amount first to confirm that you can correctly follow the process and receive your funds in your wallet.
The last step is to hit the “Withdraw” button and go through the security (verification) process. Binance will usually send you a confirmation number to your email address which you must check and enter for the verification process. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, then you may have to verify that as well.
Once you finish the verification process, you can refresh the page and your withdrawal should show up in the “Recent Withdrawals” section along with any other withdrawals you made recently. Keep in mind that the processing for the withdrawal may take a few minutes or more.
Once the TxID is available, you can copy it and search for your withdrawal transaction on PolygonScan to monitor its progress.
The end result is that your $MATIC tokens will arrive in your MetaMask wallet. Well done 😎👍!

How to Buy $CRYSTL

Now that your $MATIC is in your wallet the only thing you are missing are some of your very own $CRYSTL💎 tokens, here is a link for your convenience to buy $CRYSTL💎.
This article was written by Light and KingD, feel free to reach out to them on Telegram for any questions, or even if you just want to chat!
Light: Telegram: @xCryptoLight Discord: CryptoLight#7409
KingD: Twitter: @kingD3lta Telegram: @King_D3
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