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Guide to Bridging from Polygon to Cronos
Follow along in this guide that will show you how to bridge your tokens from Polygon to the Cronos network!
The Crystl Finance x Relay x Crodex collaboration & partnership

Video Guide: How to Transfer Funds between Polygon & Cronos

How to Bridge MATIC from Polygon to Cronos

Are you ready to get started on Cronos, but currently find yourself on Polygon? Not to worry! We'll show you how to use the cross-chain bridge to get some funds onto the Cronos network! You can conveniently access the Relay bridge from the navigation bar on under the "Bridge" menu.
Crystl Finance Cronos webpage
Assuming you already have a DeFi compatible wallet such as MetaMask, go ahead and visit the Relay Transfer page.
The Relay Transfer page
Once there, hit the "Connect Wallet" button and select MetaMask, standard stuff!
Wallet selection menu
Once connected, the interface should accurately confirm that you are on the Polygon network. If you are on the wrong network, be sure to switch to Polygon. After all, you are sending funds from Polygon to Cronos!๐Ÿ˜‰
Relay Cross-Chain Bridge from Polygon
Next, go ahead and "Select a chain" in the dropdown.
Relay Cross-Chain Bridge, selecting the destination chain
Scroll down in the list to find the "Cronos" network, select it!
Destination chain selection menu
After you do this, hit "Select a token".
Relay Cross-Chain Bridge, selecting the token
Over here, you will need to choose the asset that you would like to bridge from Polygon to Cronos. For this example, we will select to bridge the "MATIC" token.
Token selection menu
But, what's this? You may encounter an issue with your MATIC not being detected!
Undetected WMATIC balance
The problem here is that the bridge is looking for WMATIC tokens (wrapped MATIC), which, unlike the standard MATIC tokens used to pay for gas, are compatible with smart contracts. Actually, not really much of a problem, as its extremely easy to swap some of your MATIC to WMATIC over here on Crystl Finance! Navigate to the Crystl Exchange and swap. Simply hit the "Unlock Wallet" button to connect.
Crystl Finance Exchange, unlock wallet
More standard stuff, connect your "MetaMask" wallet.
Wallet selection menu on the Crystl Exchange
Now simply enter the amount of MATIC you are planning to bridge, and hit "Wrap"! You may need to approve the exchange access to your balance, and then confirm the transaction.
Crystl Exchange, MATIC to WMATIC wrap
Going back to Relay, your WMATIC tokens are now detected. Like magic! Go ahead and enter the amount of WMATIC you wish to bridge, and then hit "Transfer".
Relay Cross-Chain Bridge, enter & transfer
If this is your first time bridging. In the next dialog, hit "Approve Transfer".
Approve Transfer dialog
You must wait until the approval goes through, give it a minute or two. If the interface seems to be stuck, simply refresh the page and repeat the steps we followed thus far. Once you get to the latest step, you shouldn't have to "Approve Transfer" (1.) anymore. Instead you will see the "Start Transfer" (2.) dialog and button, which you should go ahead and press! In the final step, you are just waiting for your funds to be delivered on the Cronos network (3.)! Done!
The Relay bridge process.
What's so great about the Relay bridge is that they will actually deliver you some gas tokens to pay for a few transactions (if you have none in the destination address). In this case, the gas token on the Cronos mainnet is CRO. Relay will send your MATIC, and provide you with a small amount of CRO as well! Awesome!

Configure MetaMask for Cronos Network

โ€‹Relay makes it incredibly simple to configure your MetaMask for Cronos. Make sure you are connected to the site. Then, hit the network dropdown menu in the upper right hand side.
Relay Transfer page, network dropdown
Scroll down, and select "Cronos".
When you do this, a dialog for MetaMask should show up offering for you to configure the Cronos network if you currently do not have it in your MetaMask network settings. Hit the "Approve" button to accept the network configurations. Alternatively, you may refer to the official instructions to configure MetaMask for Cronos.
MetaMask menu to add a network
You may now observe your CRO balance on the Cronos network! Note that Relay sent you some CRO to help you get started on Cronos, fantastic!
MetaMask main dialog menu
Please note that before doing anything else on the Cronos mainnet, you should purchase some more CRO to pay for transactions. You don't want to be stuck in a hard place without any gas to move your MATIC funds (which should already be in your wallet, by the way).

Where's My Money?

Bridging can be an intimidating process, but that's no reason to have a heart attack! Finding your funds on the Cronos network is simple. Since Cronos is an EVM compatible chain, you will find your MATIC tokens on the Cronos chain held on the exact same wallet address as you used to interact with the bridge! Isn't that convenient?
If you haven't yet configured your MetaMask to connect to the Cronos mainnet, be sure to do so by following the official instructions over here or use the handy feature on Relay mentioned previously. Go ahead and switch to the Cronos network in MetaMask, and observe that you actually have some CRO tokens! This all thanks to Relay.
Once your MetaMask is configured, you will want to go ahead and import the MATIC token address on Cronos. Open the MetaMask dialog and click the "Import tokens" link at the bottom.
MetaMask main dialog menu
Now, simply enter the MATIC token address 0xad79AC3c5a5c15C6B9194F5568e451b3fc3C2B40 into the "Token Contract Address" field. Then press "Add Custom Token".
Note: Source for the MATIC token.
MetaMask token import dialog
Once you have done this, your MATIC will be visible in your wallet. Congratulations, you're a rockstar! Note, the amount may differ slightly because of any fees incurred for using the Relay bridge service.

What Next? Purchasing CRO

As mentioned previously, you should really purchase some more CRO tokens to ensure you don't run out of gas. If it does happen, you'll probably have to look around for a CRO faucet or bridge more funds.
One exchange that we may recommend is Crodex. Here is a link prefilled to sell the MATIC token for CRO.
Crodex exchange on Cronos network
Once you visit the Crodex exchange through that link you may get a warning such as this. This is a standard warning because we prefilled the MATIC token ( for your convenience. Hit "Continue", but just so you know, you should always find official contract addresses for tokens on your own to be extra careful!
Note: MATIC address on Cronos (0xad79AC3c5a5c15C6B9194F5568e451b3fc3C2B40 )
Token import message
Hopefully you are now familiar with the standard process of approving & interacting, and find yourself able to comfortably swap some of your MATIC for more CRO.
Example swap of MATIC to CRO on Crodex

How Much CRO Do I Need?

At the time of writing this document in November of 2021, approving the Crodex exchange for the MATIC token cost about 0.24531 CRO. Please note that this may change in the future depending on network use, congestion, and average gas price.
Token approval, Crodex exchange
Use this information only as an estimate of the kind of gas cost you might expect on the Cronos network. It's a good habit to have a comfortable amount of gas tokens to ensure that you are never in a situation where you can't afford a standard transaction such as interacting with a decentralized exchange or bridge. If you just wanted a number, consider at least 10 CRO to start.
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