🦊🏁Next Steps for New MetaMask Users
Some recommended reading for users new to DeFi
Now that you have successfully set up MetaMask and interacted with our Crystl Finance dApp, you are ready to begin your DeFi journey. Of course, the small amount of $MATIC given by the faucet is only enough for a few transactions.
If you missed out on some free gas and want to learn more about Faucets, you can find the information here.
If you want to seriously start investing in DeFi, you will want to purchase some cryptocurrency for fiat on an exchange such as Binance.com or MEXC.com and send it over to your address on the Polygon network. Do keep in mind that not all tokens are supported for transfer to the $MATIC network, and the exchange itself has to support transfer to the $MATIC network.
We recently wrote a guide on how to transfer some $MATIC from Binance.com to Polygon, you might want to check that out!
If you're interested in learning more about the fundamental infrastructure in DeFi and how to navigate them please check out;
Or if you'd like to get to know DeFi in general a little better, have a look at this segment of the series;
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