💵➕Adding Tokens to MetaMask
Learn how to add your favourite tokens to MetaMask Wallet so you don't lose track!

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We've all been there. Purchased some tokens, got a confirmed transaction, gone back to our wallet and surprise
your tokens are nowhere to be found! Not to worry, we'll sort you out!

Adding a token to MetaMask

After you've purchased a token, you'll need to add the token to your MetaMask to be able to view the funds there. First step is to navigate to the transaction in which you bought the token. This can be easily found by accessing the transaction under "Activity" in your Metamask and clicking the button in the top right to view it in on Polygon Scan.
This gives a rough outline as to what to click, in case you need it
The transaction will appear in another tab. Go ahead and click on the link for the $BANANA 🍌 token (indicated by the green arrow in the below image).
Now copy the $BANANA 🍌 token address so that we can add it to our wallet later, its 0x5d47baba0d66083c52009271faf3f50dcc01023c. Now lets make sure we're on the Matic Mainnet and Add the $BANANA 🍌 token address so that we can see it in our wallet and rest at ease!
The dropdown in the above image is where you can switch networks. Again, if you’ve read that article from before you’ll already know this 😉.
Hit the “Add Token” button and then paste the $BANANA 🍌 token contract address that we copied earlier!
All finished up! You should see your lovely bananas in your wallet!
After you've added your tokens, it may be a good time to check out our MATIC faucet to get some free MATIC to pay transaction fees, like you may be used to doing with BNB on Binance SmartChain, or not at all! Click here to view that article.
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Adding a token to MetaMask