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Have you been looking for a way to earn profits with your capital in a way that is fair, transparent, and secure? Then you have come to the right place!
Welcome to Crystl.Finance! Our DeFi products bring you the easiest, hands-free means to grow your capital while you sleep!

What Does Crystl Offer?

Make use of our decentralized smart contracts to put your capital to work and generate an income 24 hours a day!


Vaults are powerful investment instruments which grow your LP tokens with exponential interest. They operate by earning reward tokens on an arbitrary farm, and then automatically selling those rewards for more LP tokens, which are then redeposited back in the farm on your behalf. Resulting in a perpetual loop that yields extremely lucrative returns!
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Pools are where $CRYSTL token shareholders come to earn their dividends. Simply choose a Pool, deposit $CRYSTL, and earn a passive income with a high interest rate! Shareholders may choose a revenue from a variety of cryptocurrencies or tokens from some of the best projects on Polygon & Cronos.
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Mines are yield farms where anyone may provide liquidity on the ApeSwap Polygon exchange and support our various partner projects to earn $CRYSTL. In return for providing liquidity and staking your LP tokens on the Mines, our protocol will reward you with $CRYSTL shares. Join our community and become an official shareholder of Crystl Finance!
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A bridge in DeFi is a service that allows you to transfer your crypto tokens from one blockchain to another. Crystl Finance is partnered with Relaychain, a leading BaaS provider (Bridging-as-a-Service) which has made the $CRYSTL token available for transfer between the Polygon and Cronos networks.
The $CRYSTL token price may be different on Polygon and Cronos, and this offers an opportunity for arbitrage. To transfer your $CRYSTL between Polygon and Cronos, see the links below.
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Why Choose Crystl?

Easy to Use, Easy to Earn

The mission of of Crystl Finance is to bring DeFi to the masses. The time has come to end the era of confusing "magic internet money" and bring upon a $CRYSTL clear future! Earning an income with Crystl Finance is incredibly easy. Deposit, then earn - its that simple. Our motto is "Stake $CRYSTL and enjoy life" and our team is highly dedicated to making that motto your reality.

The Yield Token You Want to Keep

There are now thousands of yield farm tokens, so many, in fact, that "yield farming" itself has gotten a bad rep. DeFi veterans have been conditioned to perceive yield tokens like hot potatoes, as something to be passed and sold as soon as they are earned. At Crystl Finance, we are committed to overcome this status quo. The $CRYSTL token is a tool for passive income generation that is designed to surpass its principal investment value over time.

24-Hour Customer Support

Got a question or technical problem? Our experts are at your service! Use the Intercom icon on our site to reach out to us at any time and our support team will get back to you as soon as we can!
We also invite you to join our vibrant Telegram or Discord community where our active moderator group is always available to help you out or provide you with information!
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Where to reach our Customer Support

Limited Supply Cap

We have designed $CRYSTL to have a soft-capped supply of only 12.5M tokens. As the circulating supply grows and nears this number, we reduce the frequency of new emissions. This assures that the $CRYSTL token does not suffer from hyperinflation and gives you the comfort of holding an asset that becomes scarcer over time.
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Deflationary Model

Our Vaults dedicate a percentage of all profits to buying back $CRYSTL from the market and burning it to reduce the circulating supply. This model ensures $CRYSTL scarcity and offsets emissions. For you as a shareholder, its great to know that the number of $CRYSTL you choose to keep is yours to keep forever while an external measure constantly burns other $CRYSTL in the circulation.
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We take the security of our community very seriously. All of our smart contracts are transparent, audited, and built upon only the most battle-tested code. We have never suffered any exploit, and our team takes extreme measures to ensure that your experience is safe and secure.
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Every $CRYSTL holder has a voice at Crystl Finance! We openly welcome suggestions from our community aimed at improving our platform. Furthermore, every $CRYSTL holder is encouraged to participate in $CRYSTL Governance with the ability to vote on important decisions surrounding the protocol.
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Partnerships & Collaborations

ApeSwap Strategic Partnership

On Polygon, Crystl Finance is proudly partnered with and receives strategic support from ApeSwap! In fact, Obie and Harambe, core members of the ApeSwap team work as advisors for Crystl Finance. Furthermore, not only does our ApeSwap DEX router drive traffic for the ApeSwap Polygon exchange, but our platform incentivizes liquidity for ApeSwap with our Mines & Vaults which accept Ape LP tokens. Our team strives to onboard promising projects from the Polygon ecosystem into the ApeSwap exchange. Projects that partner with Crystl Finance have a chance to be listed on ApeSwap once they reach 75K $USD in liquidity.

More Than "Just Another Yield Aggregator"

We strongly believe that the route to success is built on a foundation of strong communities & partners working together. That is why we have partnered with many of the leading projects on both Polygon and Cronos, including; ApeSwap, Dogira, Polydoge, Relaychain, Crodex, CronaSwap, Ferrum Network and many others. What makes us stand apart from our competition is our dedication and ambition to work together with everyone else to bring value and innovation to DeFi on all chains that Crystl Finance expands to.

What's Next?


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Join Our Community

You don't have to invest alone! Everyone is welcome to join our vibrant #CrystalCrew! You can ask questions, talk about strategies, and be the first to hear about any upcoming news by joining our community.

Learn More About Crystl Finance

If you are interested to learn more about Crystl Finance, check out the following resource.
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Learn More About DeFi

Are you new to DeFi? We have an extensive educational series right here in our documentation to teach you all the bits and pieces about DeFi. From the basics of getting started and setting up a wallet, to investing in a Vault and earning exponential interest - everything is covered!

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