Welcome to CRYSTL Finance!
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Have you been looking for a way to earn profits with your capital in a way that is fair, transparent, and secure? Then you have come to the right place!
Welcome to Crystl.Finance! The platform built with one goal in mind: to unlock the potential of your capital and allow you to explore the DeFi Universe!
Our decentralized yield farm runs on Polygon where you can become a liquidity provider for the ApeSwap Decentralized Exchange and earn our native token - $CRYSTL - by supporting the leading projects of the Polygon ecosystem.
We have designed $CRYSTL to be a deflationary asset with a sustainable 12.5M soft-cap. Our token is a tool that you can use to generate a passive income at high interest rates through over 35+ choices of tokens available on our Pools.
Take things to the next level with our Vaults to automatically compound your earnings with exponential interest. Vaults are smart-contracts that operate through farms available on third-party platforms to acquire & auto-sell tokens to grow your liquidity 24 hours a day. A small portion of all Vault earnings is dedicated to a deflationary measure for buying back & burning $CRYSTL from the market 🔥.
Built by the Crystal Crew, we have a dedicated team who is committed to growing Crystl Finance with a mission to bring DeFi to the masses in a way that is both accessible, secure, and profitable. The time has come to end the era of "magic internet money" and bring upon a $CRYSTL Clear Future!


    💎 Earn $CRYSTL in the Mines. Hound those rocks!
    💰 Use $CRYSTL to earn other crypto at high interest in the Pools, with over 35+ choices.
    🏦 Yield optimizer strategies (Vaults) ensure you get the best competitive rates on your crypto. Get your shine on!
    🔄 Swap tokens or create liquidity using our DEX Router for the ApeSwap Exchange.
    ⛽️ Out of gas and in a tight spot? Save yourself with our $MATIC Faucet.


    We take the security of our community very seriously
    Transparent and secure with contracts and use cases

Key Information

Contract Addresses
    CrystalToken: '0x76bF0C28e604CC3fE9967c83b3C3F31c213cfE64'
    MasterHealer: '0xeBCC84D2A73f0c9E23066089C6C24F4629Ef1e6d'
    MultiCall: '0xCcc53A4E1A949C999f16942232bB64e281e977C6'
    Timelock: '0x12fC8F5Cfb609981C6F6D141f0fb0BCE0b990145'
    CrystalMine: '0x5BaDd6C71fFD0Da6E4C7D425797f130684D057dd'
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